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06/08/2019 - IT LIVES!

It's been dead for awhile, but with the revival of site, I hope to bring you a more up to date Wiki including many of the newer games and mobile games that WWE have created since - Admin Alter Ego Willow

10/27/2015 - Released game

WWE 2K16 has been released. Go get your copy now!

10/03/2015 - WWE Owned Games

I shall now start adding WCW and ECW Games to this site as well as all of the WWE games

27/01/2015 - A Second Admin

RyoHazuki36 who has been helping me for almost a year, I have given him exclusive rights as an Admin beside me, so welcome him to the crew

21/09/2014 - New Admin in Town

Hello members of SD vs Raw Wiki, I am the new admin Alter Ego Willow, I hope me and other members can make this page a great place to be in the future!

27/07/2013 - Cleaning-up process

Articles will be cleaned up, in editing form.

16/04/2011 - Redesign
The main page has been redesigned.
26/09/2010 - Released game
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 has been released. Go get your copy now!
05/08/2008 - First page created
WWF Smackdown! is the first page made on the SvR Wiki.
28/07/2008 - Site created
SvR! Wiki goes live on Wikia!
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